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Get to Know Your Teachers

Get to know Trudy Benjamin!

Our academy prides itself on providing classes that are not normally taugh in public school. Here are some of them!

Scientific Remote View and Homeschool with Trudy

"I believe everyone should train their mind to trust their intuition. Unlearn that you don't know everything and learn that you're brain has unlimited access to all knowledge and more.

Our Director, Trudy Benjamin, has been teaching students since 2017. She then made the first ever homeschool program that teaches both youth and adults Scientific Remote Viewing. #remoteviewing

She studied at Farsight Institute

As a prodigy student of Professor Courtney Brown at Emory University, she got her Honorary Bachelor's in Scientific Remote Viewing and was trained to be a teacher for all ages in 2020. Known on Youtube Channel " Farsight Institute" to over 70,000 Subscribers, she helped train many people live and privately. Now she hosts lessons to students in the Unschool Academy exclusivley all year round!


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