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Learning at Home Effectively

How your family can learn at home more effectively!

Some of the most popular misconceptions about at home learning is that it is boring and more distracting. Here are some major tips that our students suggest for a more life changing at home learning experience.

Do you stare at your screen for longer than 30 minutes? Try blue light protection!

A 2020 study Trusted Source published in the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology found that during COVID-19 lockdowns, for example, 32.4 percent of the study population used a blue-light-emitting device 9 to 11 hours per day. Another 15.5 percent used the devices 12 to 14 hours per day — a sizable increase in screen time, probably due to changes in the way people work during the pandemic.

Why should you care about Blue Light Protection?

Include a blue light protection product for class to help avoid damages to your cornea. Blue light protection glasses, screen filters, or even both for all devices is better than nothing at all for your safety.

When your eyes are strained from staring at a blue-light-emitting screen, you might notice:

  • dry eyes

  • sore or irritated eyes

  • tired eyes

  • headaches

  • facial muscles fatigued by squinting

Is your learning area boring to look at? Try using putting these around the room!

Buying educational decorations helps easily distracted learners that look around the room and bouncy kids. Turing the at home class room into an interactive space helps fidgety students not be so easily bored. It all depends on the age and what class the students are taking so switch it up!

  • Put up posters based on what is being learned to build memory.

  • Paintings that inspire your mind.

  • Quotes that talk about staying focused can be put up in the work space as reminders.

  • Yoga mats next to the computer help for a quick strech when sitting for too long.

  • Lap desks allow for movement around the room without the device or papers being on the floor or in the lap.

  • On going music while working calms the brain down.

  • Changing the lighting in the room to have colors also adds more fun in the area.


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