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Apply to be apart of our a new team! The Unschool Academy Corperation's relocation is to Las Vegas, NV by 2026! 

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What is the Unschool Academy Corp?

We train the mind to learn metaphysical and common core topics not taught in public school systems.

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Please Donate Towards Our Vision!

We are grateful for any donations made to our school. All donations are used to support our school’s vision and mission to provide a high-quality education to our students. Your donation will help us to continue to offer exceptional learning experiences, innovative programs, and engaging activities. We are committed to using the donation money to upgrade our facilities, purchase new technology, and support our faculty and staff. Your generous contribution will make a meaningful difference in our students’ lives and in the future of our school. Thank you for your support

Remote Working

Now Hiring!

World travel and field trips is highly important to our Youth student's education. Junior and Senior student's are mainly trained at home via ZOOM for there mental and spiritual development.

Student Birthday (ages 13-18)
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Digital design on a tablet

Popular Tools

VR Headsets

Robotics and code

Field Trips

Designing on a Tablet

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